The Prequels

Downunder & Backwards

The story that started it all.
The idea for this fic was that there was no idea, just a chain of unlikely events, set against the harsh Australian outback (and a few harsh Australian towns as well).

Back Downunder

The sequel to the story that started it all. Also, Gina’s first appearance!
Harriet had a few people screaming for a sequel, so she put mind to keyboard and this is what came out. Lots of violence, a little bit of romance, and just as many laughs at the first series.

The Fondue Series

Sex, Lies & Fondue

A Downunder/Strangers crossover. What would happen if Strangers’ Fenny met Downunder’s Ritza, and are Gina and Greg just good friends?

It’s Not Over Until the Fondue Burns

The Fondue gang regroup in Australia for another adventure Downunder, where they’re joined by Gina’s ex-husband while Brad’s ex-girlfriend seeks revenge.

The Fondue Burns

Brad, Fenny, Gina, Greg and Paul attempt to enjoy not having gun-toting maniacs after them, but they still can’t catch a break, especially when Lilly shows up.

A New Fork in the Fondue

A year after that taping, everyone falls back into the pot. The Fondue gang are somewhat reluctantly reunited in Europe, and meet some interesting new friends. Like a drug-dealing pimp named Don. Will things finally get resolved between the lust, lies, and laughter?

Fondue: the Saga Continues

With the fork now broken we drop back into the pot of boiling oil. It’s been nine months; have things changed?

The Fondue Curdles

Can Fenny’s relationship with Brad survive with Ritza back on the scene? Will Gina and Paul end up in divorce court? And can there possibly be another senseless kidnapping? Most importantly, how will the Edinburgh Fringe Festival goers think of Paul’s drunken singing?!

Much Ado About Fondue

EA month ago they were beaten and tormented. They encountered death and ran for their lives. A month later and they’re faced with much worse — domesticity. Can Fenny cope with being a stepmother, or will it be the end of her and Brad’s relationship? Will Gina and Paul finally stay on the same continent? And is Greg’s therapist going to be able to cope with his latest set of problems?

The Fork of Wrath

The storm clouds started gathering in the final part of Ado and now the heavens have opened and the ‘Wrath’ is finally upon our group of anti-heroes. Just how are they going to cope with their latest set of problems when none of them are talking?