Back Downunder

Due to popular demand comes the gripping sequel to “Downunder and Backwards” This time there is no hangover…

Chapter 1: A Familiar Feeling

Chapter 2: Missing in Action

Chapter 3: Bad News Travels Fast

Chapter 4: Back Downunder

Chapter 5: The Lying, the Bitch and the Wardrobe

Chapter 6: The Case of the Missing Yanks

Chapter 7: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Chapter 8: Fire

Chapter 9: Water

Chapter 10: Corpses and Katoomba

Chapter 11: Let Me Down Easy

Chapter 12: Lost, Lust and Lampooning

Chapter 13: Comings, Goings and Inbetweens

Chapter 14: Nimbin, Nookie and other Stories of the Immoral

Chapter 15: Shut Up/Kiss Me

Chapter 16: The Morning After

Chapter 17: We Can Work It Out

Chapter 18: Confusion

Chapter 19: Ritza Saves the Day

Chapter 20: Thank You and Goodbye

Chapter 21: Epilogue