It’s Not Over Until the Fondue Burns

The second installment of the Fondue series finds Brad an Greg back in Australia, where Fenny is in a lot more trouble, and Gina’s ex-husband is stirring the pot….

Chapter 1: A Beautiful Life

Chapter 2: Coming Attractions

Chapter 3: The Flame is Lit

Chapter 4: Reservations for Four

Chapter 5: Blast from the Past

Chapter 6: Bitterness

Chapter 7: Truths and Fears

Chapter 8: A Sketchy Clue

Chapter 9: Waiting on Superman

Chapter 10: The Tryst

Chapter 11: Sex, Love and Other Catastrophes

Chapter 12: A Miami Vice Moment

Chapter 13: Queanbeyan

Chapter 14: Hunger

Chapter 15: Boredom

Chapter 16: An Explosive Twist

Chapter 17: A Cunning Plan

Chapter 18: Mutton Dressed as Lamb

Chapter 19: I Wear Your Sweaters and You Wear My Shoes

Chapter 20: Happiness and Scars

Chapter 21: I Keep the Poker Face So Well

Chapter 22: The Pleasure and the Pain

Chapter 23: Tales from the Vault

Chapter 24: Another One Bites the Dust

Chapter 25: Stranded

Chapter 26: Screwed

Chapter 27: In the Buff

Chapter 28: Caught in the Act

Chapter 29: Singing in the Pain

Chapter 30: A Night in Berri

Chapter 31: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Chapter 32: A Change of Plot

Chapter 33: The Ultimatum

Chapter 34: Pistol Whipped

Chapter 35: A Random Act of Stupidity

Chapter 36: Walking Wounded

Chapter 37: Perfect Day

Chapter 38: In the Light of Day

Chapter 39: The Storm

Chapter 40: Love is in the Air

Chapter 41: Not Broken Hill

Chapter 42: Boys’ Night / Girls’ Night

Chapter 43: Hangovers and Homecomings

Chapter 44: Back to Reality

Chapter 45: Epilogue