Downunder and Backwards

The story that started it all, way back in 2002. It’s the worst hangover you will ever read.

Chapter 1: Tequila Shots

Chapter 2: Rise & Shine

Chapter 3: Ammaroo Station

Chapter 4: The Alice

Chapter 5: Big Bazza

Chapter 6: Oh What a Night

Chapter 7: Sheep, Sheep Everywhere

Chapter 8: Flying Doctors

Chapter 9: City of the Shallow Grave

Chapter 10: A Night at the Hilton

Chapter 11: The Morning After

Chapter 12: Mr Maslins

Chapter 13: The Naturalist Philosophy

Chapter 14: Ladies of the Night

Chapter 15: The Overland

Chapter 16: Harry Durrell, Private Investigator

Chapter 17: Melbourne

Chapter 18: Viva La Crown

Chapter 19: Saving the Proop Cat

Chapter 20: Only the Lonely

Chapter 21: Cars, Guns and Mass Hysteria

Chapter 22: Rescuing Ritz

Chapter 23: Appreciation, Appearances and an Apology

Chapter 24: Dinner For Two

Chapter 25: Revelations, Reunions and Karaoke

Chapter 26: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Chapter 27: Old Sydney Town

Chapter 28: Ritz and Felicia

Chapter 29: The Secret of the Golden Thong

Chapter 30: And You Thought Things Couldn’t Get More Complicated

Chapter 31: The Great Escape

Chapter 32: Going Home

Chapter 33: The End – Or Is It?