A New Fork in the Fondue

The cheesiness continues – a year after “that” taping, we fall back into the pot. Will things finally get resolved between the lust, lies and laughter?

Chapter 1: A New Fork in the Fondue

Chapter 2: Rendez View

Chapter 3: Carnal Desires

Chapter 4: Drunken Lust and Chocolate Sauce

Chapter 5: Guilty Passions

Chapter 6: Karma Package Deal

Chapter 7: Same Old Brand New You

Chapter 8: Day Tripper

Chapter 9: Under the Clocks

Chapter 10: Not the Orient Express

Chapter 11: Edinburgh

Chapter 12: Kissed, Pissed, and Ice Cubes

Chapter 13: The Beauty or the Beast

Chapter 14: It’s a Kodak Moment

Chapter 15: The Path to Auchnacloich

Chapter 16: Ghosts of the Past

Chapter 17: Sometimes I Get Frightened

Chapter 18: Bye Bye Betty and the Bagpipe Analogy

Chapter 19: Déjà Vu

Chapter 20: Stayin’ Alive

Chapter 21: Cracking Wood

Chapter 22: Pickles

Chapter 23: All You Wanted

Chapter 24: All’s Flaxen in Sexual Expression and Killing

Chapter 25: Cowards and Heroes

Chapter 26: Last Tango in Paris

Chapter 27: How Not to be Romantic

Chapter 28: Never Had So Much Fun

Chapter 29: The Sound of Breaking Up

Chapter 30: Epilogue