Fondue: The Saga Contiues

The cheesiness continues – a year after “that” taping, we fall back into the pot. Will things finally get resolved between the lust, lies and laughter?

Chapter 1: One Surprise, Two Shocks and a Willy Wonka

Chapter 2: Drunk and Disorderly

Chapter 3: Bad Things Happen Simultaneously

Chapter 4: It’s Only Natural

Chapter 5: Back in the Wild

Chapter 6: Charades

Chapter 7: Royal in the Afternoon

Chapter 8: Made Me Hard

Chapter 9: Don’t Want to Face the World Today

Chapter 10: Bigger Than Bad Habits

Chapter 11: Beer and Skittles

Chapter 12: A Twisted Evening

Chapter 13: Buzz Around Like a Blue-Arsed Fly

Chapter 14: Up Against the Wall

Chapter 15: GUD

Chapter 16: Through the Bottom of a Bottle

Chapter 17: What’s Been and Gone

Chapter 18: Death by Monkeys

Chapter 19: Dancing in the Moonlight

Chapter 20: Getting It Off, Out, Up and Over

Chapter 21: So You’ve Got a Lover

Chapter 22: Breaking Up Is Never Easy

Chapter 23: Scrambled Eggs and Popcorn

Chapter 24: Sick of All This Hatred

Chapter 25: White Wedding

Chapter 26: I Was Made for Loving You

Chapter 27: Dinner, Karaoke and Long Distance Calls

Chapter 28: The Consummation

Chapter 29: The Facts of Life

Chapter 30: Party to End All Parties

Chapter 31: The Agony and the Ecstasy