Sex, Lies and Fondue

Sex, Lies and Fondue

The first of the Fondue series, Gina and Fenny’s lives collide when Gina finds herself in Los Angeles for a job while Fenny is trying to put her life back together. Ritza has other plans….

Chapter 1: Sex, Lies and Fondue

Chapter 2: Particular People

Chapter 3: Pepsi and Lubricating Goats

Chapter 4: Amongst Silk Flowers

Chapter 5: Not Forgiven

Chapter 6: New Friends and Old Enemies

Chapter 7: Proopy Springer

Chapter 8: Understanding

Chapter 9: The Set Up

Chapter 10: Shagging in Corners

Chapter 11: The Sword of Damocles

Chapter 12: The Harsh Reality

Chapter 13: No Longer a Wallflower

Chapter 14: The Party

Chapter 15: Raining on the Parade

Chapter 16: Big Mistake

Chapter 17: Never Meant to Stay

Chapter 18: Down the Coast and Far Away

Chapter 19: Girls Interrupted

Chapter 20: Delivery Boys

Chapter 21: Between the Sheets

Chapter 22: Morning Glory

Chapter 23: Broken Dreams

Chapter 24: The Aftermath

Chapter 25: Epilogue