The Fondue Burns

The third installment of the Fondue series finds Brad and Fenny attempting to establish a life together in Los Angeles, while Gina tries to sort out the Greg/Paul thing.

Chapter 1: Denial

Chapter 2: Lies and Deceit

Chapter 3: Penciling It In

Chapter 4: Into Temptation

Chapter 5: Running From Nothing

Chapter 6: Strange Coincidences

Chapter 7: Caught in the Middle

Chapter 8: California Dreaming

Chapter 9: The Truth Hurts

Chapter 10: Lilly the Pink

Chapter 11: Baby, Give Me One Good Reason

Chapter 12: Oblivious

Chapter 13: Bad to the Bone

Chapter 14: Flight of Fancy

Chapter 15: The Mile High Club

Chapter 16: Two Men and a Baby

Chapter 17: The Interview

Chapter 18: Yellow

Chapter 19: Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

Chapter 20: It’s All a Bad Soapie

Chapter 21: The One I Love

Chapter 22: Naughty and Nice

Chapter 23: Dance with the Devil

Chapter 24: Liberated and Kinky

Chapter 25: Blue

Chapter 26: All that Glitters

Chapter 27: Flirting, Flowers and Funnies

Chapter 28: Loose Lips

Chapter 29: Misunderstood

Chapter 30: Do You Sleep

Chapter 31: Pancakes and Fellatio

Chapter 32: Cats, Dogs and Show Ponies

Chapter 33: Too Beautiful