The Fork of Wrath

The storm clouds started gathering in the final part of Ado and now the heavens have opened and the ‘Wrath’ is finally upon our group of anti-heroes. Just how are they going to cope with their latest set of problems when none of them are talking?

Chapter 1: Missing in Action

Chapter 2: It’s All in a Name

Chapter 3: Oo-De-Lally, Oo-De-Lally,
Golly What a Day

Chapter 4: The Entropy of the Unexpecting

Chapter 5: Either Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Chapter 6: He That Fights and Runs Away Will Live to Fight Another Day

Chapter 7: Strange Thins Happen at Night

Chapter 8: The Outer Side of Paranoia

Chapter 9: Going Crazy in the Continents

Chapter 10: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Chapter 11: Kidnapping 101

Chapter 12: If It’s Worth Having, It’s Worth Fighting For

Chapter 13: Omnia Vincit Amor

Chapter 14: Regrets and Revenge

Chapter 15: Run if You Want Me

Chapter 16: Sex and Suspicion

Chapter 17: Having Faith

Chapter 18: Colonel Mustard in the Cellar with a Twister Mat

Chapter 19: Extreme Survivor

Chapter 20: Good Mexican Tequila

Chapter 21: Coward Springs Karaoke

Chapter 22: The Thrill of the Chase

Chapter 23: Fear and Loathing in Australia

Chapter 24: Waiting on the Brink of Sanity

Chapter 25: The Best Weapon is Instinct

Chapter 26: Recovery and Revelations

Chapter 27: Epilogue